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Everybody's Got a Story (2013)

Alexa is still struggling to move on after being assaulted by her ex-boyfriend Christophe, and who can blame her - no one should ever have to deal with that. His assault affects Alexa in every facet of her life, both work and personal. This was such a heart-breaking story and I could not help but feel absolutely saddened for Alexa and what she was dealing with, emotionally, mentally and physically. This book brought the long-lasting effects on victims of assault to the fore and the reality that the feeling of being a victim can, for some, last a lifetime. This book is a great read but not a light one. (KARM)

A Life That Fits (2011)

Andrea is content with her life - she has a great job as an analyst for DataSource and a great boyfriend, Alex, whom she hopes she will marry one day. But when Andrea comes home from a business trip she finds Alex acting really strange. She also notices that her apartment looks very bare. Alex tells Andrea he is breaking up with her because there is another woman who is exactly Andrea's opposite. Andrea cannot believe that he had left her after 14 years together and she starts to take stock of her life, changing things about herself and her surroundings. She is hoping this will make Alex come back to her. Meanwhile, Andrea returns to work after a week off to find there's a new staff member Tina, who she fears is trying to sabotage her. With her job in jeopardy and all the wonderful changes she is making for herself will she want Alex back or will she keep making changes and move on from him? This may well inspire you to make changes in your life and learn to accept change so you are not stuck in a rut. (CG)

Planning to Live (2010)

Rhiannon Taylor is regaining consciousness after being in a car wreck during a Christmas Day blizzard. Stuck in her car with her left leg trapped, and her mobile phone out of reach, she painfully waits for help to arrive. As time passes, she begins to wonder if she will be rescued. Through flashbacks, Rhiannon begins to think about the people in her life, the death of her fiance Bill, her weight issues, and a new relationship with her co-worker Andrew. This is a powerful and inspiring composition about courage and love underlining tragedy, death and pain. (XT)

Second Opinion

Go Small or Go Home (2010)

The two most important things in Tess Grayson's life are swimming and art. Though opportunities to turn these into professional careers have failed her time and time again, she has never once given up trying. When she is left jobless after the clinic she works at suddenly closes, Tess applies for a position with the Toronto Hogs as the massage therapist. But what she least expected is that she would be working for only one of the players - North American Hockey League star Forrest Williams. A car crash left him with not only a broken leg but a broken heart as well. Tess' art dreams appear to be within reach after Forrest introduces her to his art-gallery-owning mother. But as she takes on the role of healing both his physical pain and emotional wounds, Tess finds it harder to juggle her private life and job. (XT)

Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many (2010)

Madeleine-Cora Spencer hopes to get away from the dating scene and settle down. Although she is the last person who would want her private life to be captured in the media, when her ex's wife points out her "desperately single status", humiliation drives her to sign up for reality TV show Find Your Price, reminiscence of The Bachelorette. But instead of choosing from a pool of eligible bachelors, the seven contestants all turn out to be men Madeleine had dumped. Stranded on a remote island with no way to back out (unless she can afford to pay the penalties of $250,000), Madeleine lives her nightmare one step at a time, with love as the last thing on her mind. This book is an interesting take on reality TV, with a slight twist at the end. (XT)

Second Opinion

Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo (2009)

Ever since the accident, Candice and her husband, Ian, have both been living under extreme states of emotional stresses, carrying the burden of guilt and also the pain of losing the ones they love so dearly. Two years of marriage suddenly becomes a fragile state - where they can no longer find themselves talking about the simplest things, or even looking each other in the eyes. When Ian leaves for a one-month stay in Bangladesh for volunteer work, Candice tries to get her life back in order but yet another unexpected surprise awaits her. A fantastic story of love and second chances; one that got me hooked right from the beginning to the very end! (XT)

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