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Million Little Mistakes (2010)

You win $22 million in the lottery, what do you do next? Do you quit your job, end your relationship, travel or follow your dream? This book continues with the "Choose your own adventure" theme from Pretty Little Mistakes, but unlike the previous novel, not every decision leads to death. Though the different situations and endings seems out of the world, it is nonetheless a funny and creative book which makes you think twice about making every step, because you never know what will happen next. Will you finish with a richer life or end up in disaster? (XT)

Pretty Little Mistakes (2007)

This novel is an adult version of the popular Choose Your Own Adventure books. The author writes one or two-page stories and then the reader chooses which path they want the character to follow next. The character is always referred to as "you" and it is inevitable that even if the reader chooses a good and reasonable path the result is depressing. Everything seems to result in rape, meth addiction, killing your husband with a beef tenderloin, tripping on your high heels and fracturing your skull, or being blown up by a bomb. This do-over novel may amuse some but to me it is just morbid, violent and very disappointing. (AO)

Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Single (2009)

Like the title says, Jennifer Johnson is sick of being single. At 31, she is about to be bridesmaid for her younger sister Hailey and her former boyfriend David has just sent her an invitation for his Valentine's Day wedding. So Jennifer submits her online dating profile and begins a series of dates. But she really has her eye on Bradford Keller, the heir to the Minnesota department store where she works in the marketing department. Is he the answer to her prayers? Read this dark comedy for the self-deprecating heroine but be prepared for the not-so-conclusive ending.

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