Had to Be You - Juliet Chatham (2014)

Best friends since they were little, Matt and Rory always thought that they would end up together until Rory is offered a PR job in New York and has to decide which is more important - her career or life in her small Massachusetts hometown. Rory always thought that she would have Matt to to come home too but as their lives start to separate, things become strained and their relationship status heads south. Now a few years later, Matt has announced his wedding date to Amanda and now Rory has only three weeks to go home and change Matt's mind and prove to him that she is the one he should be with and that marrying Amanda is a big mistake. Can Rory give up life in New York for Matt and their small hometown ? Can she remind Matt why they fell in love and get up the guts to tell him exactly how she feels once and for all before it's too late? What I liked about this story is that the author goes from a past POV describing the romantic entanglements and friendship that Matt and Rory experience over the years, leading into the present. (PP)

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