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Dry as Rain (2011)

What if you had betrayed the one you loved? Eric falls into a web of temptation and what starts off as an innocent lunch with co-workers grows into an affair with Danielle who is in her early 20s. His wife Kyra discovers their relationship through an email and makes plans to divorce him. But a few months later Kyra develops amnesia after being in an accident. At first she fears Eric is dead but as soon as she finds out he's alive, she is overjoyed. Kyra believes she and Eric are still the perfect couple. Should Eric come clean about what happened or should he play along with the amnesia and start anew? Has God given Eric a second chance at love, showing him that the statement "you don't realise what you had until it's gone" rings true? Find out in this awesome journey of a relationship with all its ups and downs. (PP)

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