From What I Remember - Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas (2012)

Kylie Flores is a straight-up good girl, so when the dreaded Ms Murphy dishes out a final assignment on the penultimate day of term before graduation, warning that it will count towards their final grade, Kylie has no hesitation in doing it. However her partner, Max Langston, has other ideas. But nothing, or no one, is going to get in the way of Kylie's academic record and when Max Langston doesn't show to their meeting, she gives him a piece of her mind until he eventually agrees to give her the information she needs. Just as Max looks to wrap up their meeting the next morning, Kylie's bag is stolen and in it her computer containing her valedictorian speech, so she gives chase and before she knows it her and Max have got themselves into a rather large spot of bother ... in Mexico. This is the literary equivalent of The Hangover for teens, full of crazy antics, irreverent behaviour and over-the-top scenarios. It is more suited as a young teen read and does not have the same crossover appeal as other books in the genre. (JC)

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