Deceiving Lies - Molly McAdams (2014)

In this second book in the Forgiving Lies series, Rachel and Kash have finally escaped from their lives in Texas and are hoping that with their wedding coming up, that life will start to get back to normal. Kash returns to the force after being undercover and finally putting the drug lords behind bars where they belong. All goes well until their home is broken into and Rachel is taken. All that remains is a warning message from the gang. Kash has already nearly lost her once and he refuses to do it again. One of Rachel's captors takes a shine to her and she nicknames him Taylor because he is a Taylor Lautner lookalike. Trent for the past months has been watching Rachel and has fallen in love with her and will do everything in his power to protect her yet follow orders from his gang leader at the same time. Unlike Forgiving Lies which was a bit more edgier, Deceiving Lies is, despite its dramatic plot, more of a romantic story. The last chapter leaves readers in anticipation as Rachel makes the decision to which guy will be her forever man. Make sure you read Forgiving Lies first though. (PP)

Forgiving Lies - Molly McAdams (2013)

What happens when the guy you had a crush on turns out to be Mr Wrong and then you discover that the guy you started to love and wanted to marry, that your relationship is built on lies? Growing up, Rachel had nobody except for her best friend Candice and her family. She also had a crush on Candice's cousin, Blake. Now all three of them are at the same college, except Blake is a professor there. In exchange for Candice continuing to study for her finals, Rachel reluctantly agrees to finally go on a date with Blake. All goes well, until Blake starts to show a dark side. When Rachel confronts Candice over it, it could mean the end of their friendship. Rachel, not wanting anything to do with guys after her bad experience with Blake , has sworn off them for life. But then Kash, aka Logan, moves in next to her. He is everything she wouldn't normally go for and more. Has Rachel finally found her Mr Right? What happens though when things get really serious and Rachel discovers that Kash is hiding big secrets from her? Is everything she has ever known with him been one big lie? (PP)

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