Forever My Girl - Heidi McLaughlin (2012)

Forever my Girl starts with rock star Liam Page having a one-night stand as usual, although his heart really belongs to only one girl. Then the scene flips to a newspaper obituary about his former best friend Mason. So begins Liam's journey home for Mason's funeral. What should have only been a couple of days turns into longer as he discovers that he should never have left behind the girl he loves - Josie. But Josie has been hiding a secret, she has a son named Noah and is about to get married to their old classmate, Nick. Will Liam stick around and start a new life here in his old hometown of Beaumont? This was an awesome, fast-paced novel which will leave you with tears in your eyes. After reading Forever my Girl, you too will be in anticipation for the release of Book #2 in the Beaumont series. (PP)

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