Feng Shui Love - Joni Davis and Lisa Hyatt (2009)

Lily is on a flight to Barbados for a second honeymoon with husband Richard when her horoscope reveals "you'll see the true character of someone close to you, and it's not a pretty sight". Sure enough within days she's on a flight back home alone, after discovering that Richard has been having an affair with his legal assistant. Lily heads to New York to be with her best friend Brook, a music journalist who's chasing 80s has-beens. Soon Lily's mother arrives on the scene and begins applying the principles of feng shui to their apartment. And maybe she's on to something because as soon as the wealth corner is decluttered, Brook's assignment fortunes improve from Flock of Seagulls to Bon Jovi. So now Lily is creating a love corner and sending up her wishlist for the perfect mate tied to a red balloon. The girls try out all the modern methods to meet a man, from speed and internet dating to singles camps, with hilarious results. For those who get hooked on Lily and her mission to find the right fit for Sweater Arms (much like the prince did with Cinderella's shoe), the sequel Feng Shui Love Child is coming soon.

Think your love life needs help? Then you may want to take heed of the advice in Feng Shui Love, a novel by Joni Davis and Lisa Hyatt. It's about Lily and Brook as they search for the perfect love the second time around. The summary says: "After Lily returns from a disastrous second honeymoon in which her high-powered attorney husband cops to having an affair with his trashy legal assistant, she's forced to pick up the pieces and try again in the quest for true love. So she lands on the New York City doorstep of her lifelong friend, Brook Bellevue, a rock journalist for a cable station, who's also newly single. Lily's wacky mother, Lauraine, insists the pair's failed relationships are due to the bad energy trapped in their living spaces. During one of her frantic visits, with a feng shui expert in tow, the duo transforms the girls' apartment into a peaceful and harmonious space. But when positive changes result almost immediately, Lily can't help but get caught up in the feng shui frenzy herself as she's inundated with a new batch of suitors; her very own Dr. Dreamy, her nerdy classmate from 11th grade biology class, and even her ex-husband is back for forgiveness. But which one will become her Feng Shui Love?" Lisa Hyatt, a corporate flight attendant, and Joni Davis, an entertainment lawyer, are both keen feng shui advocates and have had many success stories transforming the love lives of others. The Virginia-based duo have begun work on the sequel, Feng Shui Love Child, as well as a non-fiction guide.

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