Facade - Nyrae Dawn (2013)

Delaney Cross and Adrian Westfall are complete strangers but their lives are tied together by a tragedy that ruined both of their families and haunts their young lives. Delaney is determined to make amends and seeks out Adrian, but before she can tell him the truth the pair are in too deep. Delaney and Adrian help each other heal but Delaney's secret could threaten everything. Nyrae Dawn has proved herself to be a wonderful writer of New Adult fiction and Facade does not disappoint. Although I felt it followed a pretty similar formula to Charade and suffered slightly for being the second book in the trilogy, the emotion and the journey of the story still excel and in the last few chapters the book really makes its mark. I thought as characters Adrian eclipsed Delaney but I enjoyed the dual narrative and their developing relationship. The plot was interesting with a good twist and I liked the fact that not everything was neat and resolved - I particularly liked the portrayal of parental relationships as well as the bonds between siblings. Dawn writes convincingly about what it is to suffer, to love and to survive. (JC)

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