Erin McCarthy is the author of several romance and paranormal romance series, including Fast Track and Vegas Vampires.

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You Don't Know Jack (2006)

This second book in the NY Girlfriends series is about a woman named Jamie who really doesn't believe in true love anymore. Her dating history has made her cynical when it comes to matters of the heart. When her cross-dressing psychic buddy tells her she is going to meet the man of her dreams, she is obviously doubtful. Then when it actually happens, Jamie doesn't know what to think. Is it true love or a mere coincidence? Unfortunately, the man that she thinks is her knight in shining armour has been less than truthful about his true identity. Now, he doesn't know how to tell her the truth - that he's her roommate's brother, he's obscenely rich, and he's the thorn in Jamie's side that has been investigating her. He wants to tell her the truth, but the truth is, the more he is around her, the more he wants to be with her and the harder it is to come clean. Things are going to get very complicated... I loved these characters. Jamie and Jack make the perfect couple even though they are polar opposites. Jamie is a working-class girl living in New York City with three roommates to make ends meet. She's a social worker who helps paroled convicts re-enter the world as free men. She doesn't believe in the happily-ever-after fairy tale. I thought Jamie's cynical nature would annoy me after a while but it never did. The great thing about Jack is that even though he is mega rich, he's very likeable, down to earth and very persistent. My only problem with this book was the story left a lot of loose ends that leaves the reader hanging. I had a lot of "what about" questions at the end about Austin, Jack's grandfather, Jamie's father and Jamie's roommates, Caroline, Allison and Mandy. Even still, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jamie and Jack and highly recommend this book if you like smexy (smutty and sexy) hot love scenes and some hilarity to go with it. (SH)

Mouth to Mouth (2005)

Laurel Wilkins is a sweet girl who spends her days working at a candy shop and her nights hoping to find love (or at least someone to have casual sex with). She doesn't allow her deafness or huge bank account to change her simple life. But when she least expects it, she becomes the prey to both a criminal ("Russ Evans") and a cop (Russ Evans). While the online version of Russ Evans finds her money irresistible, the actual version finds her body irresistible. Officer Evans brings even more excitement to her life than the imposter, especially after she suggests having a "no-strings attached" affair with him. The affair becomes both life-altering and life-threatening for Laurel. Laurel can't figure out which one is sweeter, falling in love or falling in lust. Maybe meeting the wrong man can turn out to be right? Like the candy shop where Laurel works, this book is full of sweet and sour moments that will leave you wanting more. (ML)

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