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Thank You For Flying Air Zoe (2011)

Zoe Tisdale has a great life. She has a steady job, an apartment near the beach, and a loving boyfriend. But after a brush with death she reassesses her entire life. Instead of the stable life she has built, she wants to accomplish a dream, to leave her job selling butter and become the rock star she was once so close to being. All she has to do is convince her fellow ex-members of the "on the cusp of glory" high school band the Flip-Flops. However, all the band members have moved on in one way or another. Her best friend and lead guitarist is engaged, their bassist is a millionaire socialite, and the lead singer is living in a tree. Can Zoe convince them to give their epic band one more shot? In a slightly offbeat, coming-of-age novel Erik Atwell addresses the question: are we ever too old to accomplish our dreams? (SN)

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