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Post Grad (2009)

Ryden Malby has just graduated college and has her life planned out - from the perfect job that she is certainly going to get to the perfect apartment that she will be moving into. But things don't go as planned for Ryden and she doesn't understand why. After getting beaten by her nemesis, Jessica, for the perfect job, Ryden goes on a string of interviews and is turned down for each one. On top of being obviously unemployable, Ryden has been forced to move back home and deal with her crazy family: her wacky, try-anything father who is always thinking up plans to start a new at-home business that never really takes him in the direction he wants; her very strange but comical little brother Hunter, who enjoys licking the heads of kids at school; her grandmother Maureen, who is obsessed with her own death; and her very patient, even-tempered mother who rounds out the nutty clan. With her hands full at home, Ryden hates the fact that her life has not turned out as planned. The only person she can turn to is childhood friend Adam, who always makes everything better. When Ryden's luck suddenly changes one morning after spending the night waiting to bail her father from jail, she realises that everything she thought she wanted may not be what she needs. Post Grad tells a great story of life after college and has many laugh-out-loud moments. This is a movie tie-in novel for the film starring Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) as Ryden. (AS)

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