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Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir (2013)

Samantha Hunter seems to have everything going for her: she has a fabulous job as an event planner (and a big well-deserved promotion coming her way), a handsome boyfriend, and a few days to spend in the amazing city of Paris, partly working, partly visiting her younger sister Libby. However, when Samantha is unexpectedly confronted with not getting the promotion she had been working hard for, plus finding out her boyfriend actually supported that decision, her Paris trip is suddenly turned upside down. Soon, Samantha is running around the city, not only to try to help her heavily pregnant sister who won't reveal who the father is but also making some important decisions about her own life in the process. The reader is immediately thrown into the story, and after a quick setting of the scene, we are taken along on Samantha's journey. I loved how strong and independent Samantha is; she's ambitious and with her fight for gender equality within the business world, a true example for female readers. However, she also shows her more emotional side, which comes to the surface in relation to her family, specifically her relationship with Libby. Of course, the setting of the novel, the city of Paris, also adds a charming, French touch to it all. Some elements in the novel slightly confused me, and I think at times certain parts of the plotline could have been left out without doing any damage to the main storyline. I also wasn't particularly taken in by the romance tale at the centre of the novel. I don't want to give too much away but I would have liked to be thrown off my feet by a male character, which didn't happen for me with this particular novel. However, overall, Kissing My Old Life Au Revoir is a fun, engaging, fast-paced read with a great heroine at its centre. (JoH)

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