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Happily Ever After (2014)

Romance writer Sadie looks like your average middle-aged mum. Unfortunately the romance in her life took a serious nosedive, when her husband Roger realised he preferred men, and she had to advertise for a regular Friday morning hook-up guy. At night, while her daughter sleeps, Sadie pens erotic fiction under her secret identity KT Briggs. She is midway through her latest novel when its lust-filled hero, Aidan, appears - in the flesh - in her local Target store. Now she has to help him and his object of desire, Lily, get back to their world. The concept of a writer finding her fictional hero has come to life offered so much potential. With some of KT Briggs' raunchy storytelling woven in, this book worked best when the author played up on these erotic fiction conventions, like having Aidan unable to stop himself from trying to seduce her. But it sharply loses track as the mystery elements of how the characters came to life is explained. With witches and sinister plots thrown in, it all becomes a bit too fantastical and odd for my tastes.

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