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Committed (2010)

At the end of her wildly successful bestseller, Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert was living happily unmarried with Brazilian-born Felipe, who had captured her heart during her sabbatical in Bali. Having each been through very painful divorces, Elizabeth and Felipe vowed never to marry again. That is until the Department of Homeland Security intervened and said the easiest way for Felipe to remain with her in America would be for them to get married. To hear Elizabeth tell it, you would think the couple had been handed a death sentence. Committed is an account of the 10 months they spent travelling around South-East Asia, gathering documents, and securing the blessings of the government to marry. Only then would they be allowed to return to the United States to resume their life together. During this time, Elizabeth began researching the origins and history of the institution of marriage, speaking with women from all walks of life in an effort to gain a better understanding of how love, marriage and partnerships compare to Western views. Though a bit long-winded at times, Committed raises valuable questions and makes valid points about the benefits, and disadvantages, of marriage to both men and women. (LEK)

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