Easy - Tammara Webber (2012)

Jackie has followed her high-school boyfriend, Kennedy, to university, but things have not turned out quite as she had hoped with him ending their relationship. Her friends convince her to go along with them to a Halloween party, but having had enough she goes out to her truck and it's then that she is attacked by a guy she thought was her friend. As she tries to unsuccessfully hold him off, she is rescued by Lucas, a guy she has not seen before, but who it turns out has been around all along. This book is clearly aimed at a younger adult audience and may not appeal to all ages, however it is an amazingly addictive read with a surprisingly mature male lead. The plot is inevitably predictable and although some obstacles are thrown in, I never really felt that these were that convincing. But it is hard to not get hooked by this book which at its heart is a lovely romance. Mention should also be given to the fact that this book deals with the issue of rape and is far from a fluffy, whimsical young adult read. A captivating and intense love story. (JC)

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