Drop Dead Divas - Virginia Brown (2010)

This sequel takes place a few months after the first book Dixie Divas finished, with Bitty being released and all charges dropped over the murder of her ex-husband. This time stock car driver Race Champion dies and the accused is Naomi - Bitty's ex-husband's mistress and now Race's fiancee. Bitty is the queen of a group of 12 women called the Dixie Divas, who gather in their Mississippi hometown mainly to gossip amid lots of chocolate and alcohol - and the murder investigation is their No. 1 topic. When the lead suspect is found murdered in Bitty's cabin - it is up to the good ol' Southerner Dixie Divas to solve the mystery. This is a book that you will be chuckling your way through as it brings out the Southerner Diva humour. (PP)

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