Down to You - M. Leighton (2012)

On a night out, Olivia meets Cash and they get off on the entirely wrong foot when she mistakes him for the stripper. The next morning at the flat she shares with her cousin, Marissa, she comes face to face with Cash, or so she thinks. Once again Marissa has got the wrong end of the stick, and this guy, Marissa's boyfriend, is in fact, Nash, twin brother of Cash (yes, that's really their names!). And so starts a very intense and complicated love triangle. Nash, the good guy, offers everything Olivia needs in a man but he's with Marissa, although there is definitely something between them. Meanwhile Cash, the bad boy, is everything Olivia wants, but she's had her fair share of bad boys and the last thing she needs is another bad-boy love interest. If only Cash were only more like Nash. Surely that would be problem solved, wouldn't it? I expected there to be more of a story to this novel, surrounding Olivia's family, in particular her relationship to, and time with, the father she's supposedly helping out. But there's little more to the book than the Coyote Ugly bar scenes and twin sex scenes. The final chapters start to build a plot, although somewhat speciously, based on the main twist in the novel, so perhaps the sequel, Up to Me, will offer something a bit more substantial. (JC)

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