Double Clutch - Liz Reinhardt (2011)

Brenna Blixen has just returned to New Jersey after a year in Denmark and she's going to be starting Share Time - enrolling at two schools, one an academic school, one a trade school. And from the start, her dual schedule means double the attention for Brenna, as she's sought after by the roguish Saxon at one and wooed by the sentimental Jake at the other. Both are determined to win her over and there seems to be no love lost between the two, who have a chequered history. But there's more to Saxon and Jake's enmity than Brenna knows and she's caught in the middle. There is nothing particularly new or different about this novel and it follows a fairly formulaic path, but it's a popular formula that suits the genre. I expected more from the drama and history between Saxon and Jake and I was not always convinced by Jake's behaviour. This is a steamy read with lots of passion most suited to younger readers chasing something undemanding and easy to read. (JC)

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