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At Home on Ladybug Farm (2009)

This second book in the series takes off with Bridget, Cici and Lindsay having been in the house for a whole year and though they are slowly getting there, it has been a hectic but enjoyable year. Book #2 covers a lot of the past and what happened at Blackwell Farm in centuries gone by. As the renovations continue, they discover that the house has many undiscovered secret passages and objects hidden around from photoplates in the attic to murals boarded up on the walls to old medicine bottles buried in the dirt. This novel holds an emotional ride too as the women are starting to get used to Noah around the house but what happens when a social worker comes a-knocking and just as Lindsay is ready to take the next giant step and adopt Noah, his birth mother turns up. Will Noah retreat back to his old ways and run away? Cici's daughter, Lori, is still undecided about college and what her future holds. She does however have a keen business sense - can Lori use her skills to create a financial profit for Ladybug farm? This was an enjoyable and lovely read but I'd recommend that you read the first book in the series first - otherwise certain parts of the story will seem confusing. (PP)

A Year on Ladybug Farm (2009)

Ever wondered what life would be like if you one day packed up everything you ever knew and took a risk - doing something unknown and strange to you? For three best friends, all in their late 50s, that's exactly what they did. Cici, Bridget and Lindsey have all had their fair share of troubles and triumphs but when Bridget's husband Jeff dies she is left wondering, is this is it? Soon the three friends are travelling and looking at houses in the middle of nowhere when they come across a mansion for sale. On the spur of the moment, they pile their life savings into buying the house. The catch though is this house is a fix-me-upper and the three women are about to discover that making this particular house livable isn't an easy task. This also features an amazing line-up of minor characters from $10 Farley, a busy-body housekeeper and Noah, a delinquent wannabe artist. It's a fun and inspirational story about three retired women - taking the risk of their lifetime. (PP)

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