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Chick Flick (2012)

When Sara's husband accidentally reveals that he's fallen in love with the woman with whom he's having an affair, Sara resorts to her job as a film director and views her life as though it were a movie. She creates fantasy scenes, whether of reuniting with her errant spouse or destroying him and his lover. But Sara also understands the reality of her situation, one that demands her attention. She has four children, including an infant, and her directing career has slowed to a near crawl. Her husband, he of the "the heart wants what the heart wants" philosophy of life, moves on with his mistress, leaving Sara angry, hurt, and bent on destruction. She wants to be happy but she needs to get out of her own way. This is a book that will have you either in tears or gales of giggles. Parts of it are hilarious, parts will break your heart. Sara is entirely likable; you will feel her pain and rejoice in her victories, even if there are times you want to throttle her. Deryn Warren's writing is addictive, so don't be surprised if you find yourself annoyed when you have to put it down. It isn't perfect - the film script conceit occasionally gets old, and there are some parts that seem repetitive - but its pluses far outweigh its minuses. A funny, heartwarming, bittersweet novel that deserves your attention. (AP)

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