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Set Up in Soho (2009)

Andrea Sevalas' long-term boyfriend, Dillon, announces at a party that he's been seeing someone else. And that someone else is Diana Merrick, Andrea's worst enemy. Diana is the girl who stands for everything Andrea hates about the Upper East Side and the ultra rich. Though Andrea's family is one of those rich society families, she still doesn't care for the way most of them live - only socialising with those who are in the same social class and shunning everyone else. The shock of Dillon's deception is too much, so Andrea leaves the party, not wanting to be subjected to questions from her family or friends. Finding herself on the streets of Manhattan without a cab in sight, Andrea decides to walk home, which is not a good move considering she's had a few drinks and is wearing high heels. Before she knows what happened, Andrea falls into a cellar, and is covered in blood and mushed vegetables. In walks a handsome stranger, who helps her out and gallantly lends her his Armani jacket. Her rescuer takes her to the hospital and when she awakes, he's gone and all that remains are her memories of him. Andrea's matchmaking aunt, Althea, helps her get back on her feet and before long she is out and about again. As luck, or fate, would have it Andrea bumps into the handsome stranger again, while walking her dog in the park and the two begin a whirlwind romance with a lot of drama - due to the fact that Andrea has a tendency to jump to conclusions. Her new beau Ethan just happens to be the creme de la creme of Manhattan society. His family is old money with a capital "O" and true-blue bloods. With a lot of drama at work, where Andrea hosts a popular cooking show, and much more drama in her personal life, this book flows perfectly. Although sometimes predictable, this sequel to A Match Made on Madison is an enjoyable read that will leave you wanting more. (AS)

A Match Made on Madison (2007)

Vanessa Carlson is an independent, sophisticated and successful matchmaker who lives and breathes the glamorous city of New York. But she desperately wants to break free from the label of being her ex-boss Althea's protege. In an inebriated state, Vanessa and Althea make a wager that whoever matches the city's most eligible bachelor, Mark Grayson, will be crowned Queen of matchmaking. Vanessa's quest for Mark is helped along by her supportive and loveable friends who are always there to lend a hand when things go pear shaped, which in Vanessa's case is quite frequent. With lots of quirks and dramas it is hard not to like Vanessa and laugh at all the situations she manages to get herself in during her quest to find love for everyone else but herself. Will Vanessa win the quest for Mark in more ways than one? (GF)

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