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The Bookstore (2013)

Brit Esme Garland is studying art history at Columbia University. As she settles into school and her new life in Manhattan, she finds herself with a new boyfriend, Mitchell. Not soon after, she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant. The day she decides to tell Mitchell about the baby, he has some news of his own which leaves Esme reeling. As she tries to come to terms with being a single mother in a strange city, she begins working at The Owl, a small, quirky used bookstore on the West Side with an even quirkier staff and customer base. Esme begins to focus her energy on school and work, contemplating life with a baby, when Mitchell learns about the baby and charges back into her life. As they try to make a go of their relationship, Esme begins to feel more at home at The Owl and with its owner, George, and night manager Luke, whom she finds more and more interesting the more time she spends with him. Soon, doubt begins to cloud Esme's judgment on the path her life is headed with Mitchell. The Bookstore is a charming, delightful story with interesting characters and a real air of compassion and heart for books, bookstores and the people who frequent them. It's hard not to get swept up in Esme's world and her place in the new family she creates within the walls of The Owl. (LEK)

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