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So Damn Lucky (2012)

Lucky O'Toole, the director of customer relations for The Babylon, a premier hotel in Las Vegas, is back in the third instalment of the Lucky series. At a farewell party at The Babylon, famed magician Dimitri Fortunoff is set to perform his grand finale of Houdini's water torture cell. When something goes terribly wrong during the finale and murder is suspected, Lucky is on the case. While Lucky concentrates on solving the mystery, her personal life starts to unravel. Her relationship with her true father is put to the test and she feels abandoned by her boyfriend Teddie who is travelling the world chasing his dreams of becoming a famous singer. As distance puts a strain on their relationship, Lucky's eyes start to wander to two attractive and interested co-workers. This is an over-the-top murder-mystery with Las Vegas glitz and glamour that will keep you relatively interested. (AO)

Lucky Stiff (2011)

Lucky O'Toole is the director of customer relations for The Babylon, a premier hotel in Las Vegas. The story begins with a truckload of bees overturning in front of her hotel and a well-known Las Vegas personality being found dead in a shark tank. When one of Lucky's friends becomes the prime suspect in the murder, Lucky attempts to solve the mystery and find the true killer. Secondary characters such as Lucky's mom, who is madam of a brothel, and Lucky's lounge singer boyfriend Teddie, a former female impersonator, add drama and zaniness to this story. Part comedy and part mystery, this novel, the second in a series, will appeal to people who love the drama and glamour of Las Vegas. (AO)

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