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Reinventing Claire (2012)

Imagine one day you have everything and then just like a domino effect, everything comes crashing down until there's nothing left. For Claire, the domino effect starts when she is fired from her job and then her husband drops the bomb that he has been seeing another women - her friend Monica, no less! - for a year. He wants to get a divorce so he can marry her - oh, and he wants their house too. In a space of a few days, Claire had lost everything she has worked for over the past six years. Claire's sisters, Holly and Sam, help her kickstart a new life which includes a few terrible first dates. A year passes and Claire sees Charlie in passing every now and again and her heart still aches, but will this change when Claire meets Mac, who is also divorced. Claire and Mac hit it off and all is going well until Charlie returns, begging for her to take him back. Who will Claire choose and which guy is best for her "Reinventing Claire" life plan? This portrays "The D Word" in a humorous light, albeit with plenty of sad moments and outright crazy, mental breakdown moments. It shows the joy of finding love again when you thought there was no hope left in the world. (PP)

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