2009 has been another great year for great books and the Chicklit Crew each reveal their favourite title of the year.

Angela: I've read so many great and unforgettable books in 2009, that it is hard for me to choose just one. However, being a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella since I first read her Shopaholic series, I'd have to say my favourite book this year was Twenties Girl. I think this was her absolute best work so far. It was fun, laugh-out-loud funny and of course, as any good book should be, it was completely unforgettable. I loved how it was something a little different for her with the paranormal aspect, yet it still had her signature wit and charm. If there was no author name on the cover, I'd immediately think that it was written by Sophie Kinsella. I loved it for so many reasons, which is why, even though a few other books were really good as well, Twenties Girl is my 2009 favourite.

Annmarie: My favourite book, released in 2009, is Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James. In this novel, J.D. Jameson is a conservative Harvard-educated associate in his law firm. Payton Kendall is a liberal feminist who is also an associate in the same law firm. J.D. and Payton have been in constant competition since they started working at their law firm eight years ago. As two smart hardworking attorneys, they were under the impression that they would both be making partner. But due to a change in their firm's policy, only one of them will get the promotion. The competition increases when Payton and J.D. are asked to join forces on a major case. As Payton and J.D. spend more time together, they start to realise that there is a strong mutual attraction to each other. The dialogue between the characters is witty and sharp and the author does a great job allowing the reader to feel the sexual tension between the main characters. I absolutely loved this book.

Christy: First off I cannot believe this year is almost over - it went by so fast! I've read so many great books this year but my favourite book definitely has to be Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. Sophie did such a wonderful job with this story. I thought it was cleverly written and the story flowed very well. A lot of people were interested to see how Sophie Kinsella would go with writing a ghost story. I recommend everyone to read this book. I also can't wait for more books by Sophie!

Gina: My fave book of 09 is definitely Unsticky by Sarra Manning. Grace is dumped by her boyfriend on her 23rd birthday. Showing her distress in public, she is rescued by a well-dressed stranger, Vaughn, who offers her a place in the well-to-do world she's always dreamed of. The reason I chose this book is because I loved the modern-day rags-to-riches, Pretty Woman-type theme and the way the characters were so easy to relate to. It also gave you a glimpse into the lives of two unlikely people who fall in love. This was the type of book that was written so well that it sucked me in and I couldn't put it down, the type that makes you think of the characters long after you've read the last page!

Karen: My favourite book of the year has to be, without a doubt, Cally Taylor's debut novel Heaven Can Wait. I'd been looking forward to reading it ever since I came across the summary and rather pretty cover of it over on Cally's blog way back in June so it was inevitable that I would snap up a copy as soon as I possibly could. I'm happy to report that it did not disappoint and if anything was so much more than what I was expecting. I have high hopes for her follow-up novel and will be the first in the queue when it's published.

Leah: There were so many good books released in 2009 that it's hard to pick just one favourite. Since I am still working my way through the list, my favourite read so far of 2009 is Crossing Washington Square by Joanne Rendell. It's the story of two women who learn that you can't judge a book by its cover. Set in the Village of New York City and London, it's a great read that will leave you wanting more.

Paula: My favourite book for 2009 was Cecelia Ahern's The Book of Tomorrow. Tamara Goodwin along with her mum have been shipped off to the middle of nowhere while her mum copes with the grief of losing her husband. While staying there, a travelling library arrives in the small town and Tamara finds an odd and strange book, a diary with blank pages. Doesn't sound that interesting? Well this diary is magical. It tells the future of what is going to happen tomorrow in the form of diary entries written by Tamara herself. She goes on to unravel a dark family history.

Steph: I was mightly impressed by Nina Bell's Sisters in Law. When Kate invites a new friend, Sasha, into her family's life, she never imagined the newly separated mother of two would wreak so much havoc. This is a totally absorbing read about three very different women related by marriage who are trying to keep their relationships afloat. And what a great villain!

Xiu Ting: My favourite book is one of the many I reviewed this year. Tess Callahan's April & Oliver is about how the two childhood friends cross each others' paths once again, after a terrible accident that took away someone they both loved dearly. I especially loved the dark element in the story, deep ironies and twists interweaving the characters together. A captivating read, I must say.

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