Crash - Nicole Williams (2012)

Lucy Larson has been searching for her Prince Charming ever since puberty, then one day during the summer holidays she meets him at the beach. But Jude, all attitude and ego, leaves a lot to be desired in the romantic department and it is clear from their first encounter that he is trouble. But Lucy just can't help herself and when Jude shows a softer side she realises that perhaps he's worth a chance. It seems though that trouble is never far from him and there are others willing to step into his place with Lucy. I must admit I was disappointed with this book. While Jude is an appealing, if less troublesome character than he's made out to be, and it has all the elements of a New Adult novel, it felt largely predictable and often cliched. The twist about Lucy's brother however does come as a surprise. There are some cute moments but for me the plot was insubstantial and unrealistic; I expected more. The series continues with Clash and Crush. (JC)

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