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Northern Soul Revival (2010)

The night before her old school mate Carl leaves for Australia, Joss heads to Leeds to see him. Having just broken up with her boyfriend of six years, Joss is thinking that a fling may be just what she needs to move on. And Carl has had unrequited feelings for Joss for years and thinks he's got nothing to lose. Months down the track, Carl is settled in Tasmania with a new girlfriend when Joss discovers she's pregnant. But she just can't bring herself to tell Carl. What will happen when he returns home for a friend's wedding and sees Joss as a heavily pregnant bridesmaid? Told from the alternate viewpoints of Carl and Joss, this is an interesting story about two friends getting more than they bargained for from a night of passion. But it had to lose marks for its sometimes forced dialogue and too-good-to-be-true ending.

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