Christmas with Mr. Darcy - Victoria Connelly (2012)

Dame Pamela Harcourt is all geared up to celebrate Christmas with a Jane Austen conference at Purley Hall. She has invited everyone from family to friends except a brother who has invited himself. Her excitement on holding the conference is dented a bit because of an unexpected snowstorm but despite the bad weather, everyone manages to show up at Purley Hall, including a mysterious gentleman. But the party and fun comes to a halt when the valuables at the manor start to disappear - and things go from bad to worse when Lady Harcourt's first ever Pride and Prejudice edition goes missing. This novella is the sequel to the bestselling Austen Addicts' trilogy and it has reunites all the characters from the previous books. It's a light-hearted and totally mesmerising read which will leave you warm and cozy. (SS)

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