Christmas at the Crescent - Veronica Henry (2013)

Josie Ballard lives at Number 14, Pelham Crescent in Bath with her son, Titus. Titus' father, Giles, left them the day Titus was born to be with his former girlfriend, Rebecca. Josie has been struggling to meet ends meet ever since and is in the midst of making 40 Christmas puddings for the Bath Christmas Market when her new upstairs neighbour, Harry, drops by to complain about the noise Titus is making. An instant attraction with Harry makes Josie think that Christmas might not be so bad after all this year. However, when Giles tires of the glamorous life with Rebecca and decides he wants to get to know his son, and possibly rekindle his romance with Josie, she wonders if Christmas is actually about to get more complicated instead. This charming novella is full of wonderful characters, cozy Christmas scenes and endless possibilities for Josie's future. Christmas at the Crescent will definitely have you in the Christmas spirit in no time. (LEK)


A new neighbour might become more than just good friends, in Veronica Henry's novella Christmas at the Crescent. The summary says: "Behind the gorgeous Georgian sweep of Pelham Crescent, Bath, everyone's getting ready for Christmas... At Number 14, Josie Ballard is up to her ears in brandy, raisins and cherries as she battles to make forty Christmas puddings to sell at Bath Christmas Market. Ever since Giles walked out the day their baby was born, Josie has had to work twice as hard to make ends meet. Sacrificing a career as a chef, her famous steamed puddings keep her and her gorgeous baby boy Titus afloat. Almost. So when, in the middle of Stir Up Sunday, a new neighbour in the Crescent complains about the noise that Titus is making, Josie gives him a basinful... Giles, meanwhile, is finding life in the fast-lane with his uber-glamorous new girlfriend Rebecca rather draining. With one party blurring into another, he's now wondering if he hasn't made a terrible mistake in abandoning Josie and his child. Isn't it time he grew up, his mother asks, and Giles is starting to agree. So when he discovers Josie has a handsome new neighbour, Giles decides it's time to step up to his parental duties... Christmas just got complicated."

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