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Oleander Girl (2013)

The story that begins in the colourful city of Kolkata in India takes so many turns that when the protagonist reaches the United States, you follow her eagerly because the author has built up the suspense so well. The narrative begins with young Korobi Roy, who lives with her grandparents, but is quite perplexed about the mystery surrounding the death of her parents. She falls in love with Rajat, who is from a high-profile family in the city. On the night of her engagement party, Korobi's grandfather dies and she learns a well-kept secret about her father, which throws her life into turmoil. Throwing caution to the winds, she heads to the US to unearth more mysteries. Where will these new paths take her? This gentle tale of love and nostalgia written with the lyrical style that Divakaruni is known for, is as pleasant as the fragrance of the oleander flower that runs like a muse through the book. A must-read for those who love tales that cross cultures and continents. (AC)

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