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Don't Quote Me (2011)

Claire Montgomery has what she considers to be the perfect life. She travels the world as one of the top fashion photographers and she has a rotation of men that she spends her nights with - no strings attached. Her friends want her to settle down but Charlie can't imagine life being any more perfect. All that changes when she finds herself on the other end of the camera lens. One of the men in her life posts some racy photos of Claire online that are soon plastered all over the front page of the tabloids. She doesn't get any sympathy from her friends who have always disapproved of all her lovers. Claire finds herself alone and questioning the choices she has made in life that got her where she is today. Just as she has sworn off men so she can find out who she really is, she may have met the one man who could make her change her view of commitment. The lack of dialogue between Claire and any of the other characters made it difficult to be invested in her story. (AR)

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