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Real Happy Family (2014)

Stage mother Colleen has always been willing to go to any lengths to help daughter Lorelei find fame and fortune. But after an embarrassing episode on reality TV show Flo's Studio, Lorelei has taken off and is refusing to speak to her. Life in Reno is becoming more desperate by the day for Lorelei, where she is a waitress at a dingy establishment and hangs out with her druggie boyfriend Don. Meanwhile her sister-in-law Robin, the agent who got her the audition on Flo's Studio, has started fertility treatment only to find husband Darren has to be away on a film shoot. When Colleen is offered the chance to feature the family on reality TV show Real Happy Family, which stages intervention for troubled family members, it seems this is Colleen's shot at getting her daughter back and giving her another chance at fame. With strong character development, this is a well-written dark tale about a family falling apart and the dangers of chasing stardom.

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