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Pictures of You (2011)

When two cars collide on a foggy highway, April Nash is killed. And Isabelle, the driver of the other car, is left to pick up the pieces. Not only of her own life but of the lives of April's husband and son as well. As the guilt eats away at Isabelle, she becomes very involved in Charlie and Sam's lives, and ultimately she and Charlie begin to have feelings for each other. But unanswered questions begin to come between them. Where was April driving to that fateful day? Can Charlie leave the ghost of his wife to rest and forge a life with Isabelle? Or is Isabelle wasting her time, and fooling herself into believing that there is something more between them than a way for her to ease her guilt? This was a poignant and very well-written story, portraying the lives of those left behind after a tragedy. This story of love and heartache is touching and enjoyable, with some admirable and relatable characters and the right balance between the serious and the light-hearted. (LO)

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