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Starting from Square Two (2004)

Gert Healy's husband Marc - her college sweetheart - died in a car accident a few days before September 11. Now, a year and a half later, her friends, cynical single girls Hallie and Erika, are trying to convince her that it's time to get back out on the competitive New York City dating scene. On her first foray out with the girls, she meets a nice guy called Todd. Surely it's not possible to find your perfect match again - especially so quickly?

Carrie Pilby (2003)

As the book blurb says: 'Carrie Pilby needs to find 10 things she loves. And do five things she fears . . . But first she has to leave her apartment.' Carrie doesn't fit in - she skipped three grades through school so had finished Harvard by age 19 - and prefers lying in bed in her apartment. It doesn't help that Carrie looks down on everyone with a lower IQ (which includes almost everyone in New York). The only person she sees regularly is her therapist, who comes up with a plan to get her interacting socially, including joining an organisation and going on a date. But Carrie goes about her mission in her own quirky way, picking a church to join so she can expose it as a cult, and turning to the personal ads for a date, picking Matt who is wanting to cheat on his fiancée.

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