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I Do (But I Don't) - (2003)

Lauren Crandell's qualities as a neat freak and organisational guru makes her the perfect wedding planner (even though she has uncontrollable curly hair and is divorced). When two weddings go haywire on the same day - a parachuting groom gets stuck in a tree and a bride faints after spotting a stalker ex-girlfriend dressed as a bridesmaid - hunky firefighter Nick Corona comes to the rescue. With sparks flying between them, Lauren is put on to a new client who knows Nick - the beautiful but Psycho Bride Darla. Although the cases of mistaken identity were as obvious as a bride wearing a big meringue dress, it's an entertaining read with a delightful heroine. The story was turned into a 2004 TV movie starring Denise Richards as Lauren and Dean Cain as Nick. The sequel about Lauren's sister, Lily, is called I Did (But I Wouldn't Now).

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