Capturing Peace - Molly McAdams (2014)

Being in a war can lead to someone having demons and not trusting those around you, but so can being left to survive on your own. Coen Steele has just returned from war and is now living as a civilian doing the thing he loves most - photography. But being home isn't easy as he finds himself unable to get a good night's sleep. That is until he meets Reagan Hudson. When she was sixteen, she fell pregnant but boyfriend Austin gave her an ultimatum - to get rid of it or else he was gone. This caused her to lose trust in guys and she has vowed to be the best mum she can be for her son. What will happen when two people who have everything to lose decide to take a chance with each other? Readers, be prepared for watery eyes as it wouldn't be a Molly McAdams book without them. This captivating novella is from the Sharing You series. (PP)

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