Breaking Fences - Juliana Haygert (2014)

In this second book in the Breaking series, Beatriz, aka Bia, wants to gain some freedom from her family's ranch and her brother's polo matches so enrols herself into college. She is about to experience a world where stereotypes label people. She is Brazilian and according to rumour, they are known to be easy and will sleep with anyone. That's not the truth though, certainly not for Bia, but she soon doubts she's made the right choice about choosing college life. Horses are the one thing Bia has always loved and with riding her one escape, she gravitates towards the local horse ranch. It is owned by the Hudsons, a prominent family around the town and her school. The Hudsons have two sons - Jonah who wants nothing but to have a bit of fun with Bia, and Garrett, his half-brother. Sparks fly between Bia and Garrett but what will happen when the truth is revealed that there was a bet to see who could sleep with Bia first? Can Garrett prove to Bia that he does love her? This aspect reminded me of the movie Ten Things I Hate About You. (PP)

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