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Sleeping with Schubert (2004)

"Help, I have the spirit of Schubert living inside of me." - Liza Durbin. Christmas shopping can be stressful but on one particular shopping expedition at Nordstrom's, Liza's life as she knows it is about to change. Nineteenth-century composer Franz Schubert is looking for a body to inhabit and he has chosen Liza, a 21st century lawyer. Soon Schubert has Liza pounding out symphonies after symphonies, and she is accepted into Juilliard - New York's prestigious performing arts school. However, Liza is worried that if she tells somebody that Schubert won't leave her body, they will cart her off to the looney bin. Will Liza ever get her own body and life back? This is a fun, spirited story, which reminds me of Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella with a hint of the film Kate and Leopold. (PP)

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