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Skinny Dipping (2012)

New Yorker Faith turns up on her estranged father's doorstep in LA, determined to make it as an actress. With tons of ambition, she tries to get ahead in a land where it's not what you know but who you know. She works in a number of jobs, from waitress to production assistant, making some good contacts along the way. But eventually Faith gets fed up with the LA scene and heads back to New York where she sets up an organic muffin business. This sees her get chosen for a reality TV show based around the empire of Domestic Goddess Sybil Hunter. But it seems Sybil has taken an instant dislike to the outspoken contestant and of course there's lots of bitching and backstabbing on set. This first novel from Frankel, best known as one of the Real Housewives of New York City, is obviously heavily influenced by her own experiences. You can hardly miss the parallels with her own life such as her stint on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart or her involvement with a natural foods bakery and her Skinnygirl business. It is certainly a pacy read full of juicy behind-the-scene stuff. Real addictive. You don't need to be a fan to enjoy dipping into it.

Second Opinion

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