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I Only Have Eyes For You (2012)

True love must run its course through a family of eight siblings, a bar and a handful of tattoos. Sophie Sullivan, the youngest of eight Sullivan offspring (along with her twin, Lori), has loved Jake McCann for 20 years, ever since she was five. But she believes the love is entirely one-way. Her six brothers make romance difficult for her, as they strive to protect the twin they call "Nice" (Lori is "Naughty") from untoward advances. So imagine Jake's surprise when Sophie shows up on his doorstep the night of her brother Chase's wedding, demanding that they continue the kissing she initiated during the reception. Jake tries to scare her off but Sophie is determined. It turns out that Jake, too, is determined - first to fight his attraction to her, and then to make her his. Bella Andre writes some hot love scenes, and she does not confine them to the bedroom. Sophie and Jake enjoy their way around a bar stool, a swimming pool and a few different beds. She may be a librarian but Sophie has no problem taking her clothes off and demanding sexual satisfaction from Jake. And he has no problem pleasuring her. If Sophie and Jake are a bit too predictable and generalized, it is difficult to get too frustrated, because we do feel like we get to know them. He's the bad boy bar owner, she's the book-loving librarian. I haven't read other books in the Sullivan Series but I imagine they are as fast-paced as I Only Have Eyes For You. This is a quick read that will leave you feeling warm and cozy. (AP)

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