Becoming Mrs. Walsh - Jessica Gordon (2012)

Shoshana Thompson is engaged to Drew Walsh, the youngest son of a wealthy DC family. Drew is a good guy; he has a high security clearance job with a CIA-type agency, owns a swanky apartment, and adores Sho. If passion isn't quite a part of their relationship, Sho accepts that. She loves Drew. She loves the life he gives her, whether jetting to a Colorado ski mansion or taking a quick trip to Rio. His family adores her ... especially one member. The more Sho gets to know Drew's brother Mark, the more she questions her feelings for Drew. Of course it's complicated. Mark is married to a former supermodel, but is he happy? Can Sho be happy with Drew? There are a few twists and turns to this story, and Jessica Gordon does not take the easy path. Sho is not always likable; sometimes she seems so hungry for status and money that you find yourself truly disliking her. What draws her to Drew is not fully explained, to the point where you wonder if she's with him for anything other than financial comfort. Then there is Mark. He's the most enjoyable of the bunch, although he can be frustrating as well. In the end, though, the story matters most, and the story here is captivating and engrossing. Jessica Gordon does a solid job of keeping us guessing about what will happen to Sho. (AP)

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