Barbara Hannay has published more than 40 romance novels.

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Zoe's Muster (2012)

Restless Zoe is the odd one out in a high-achieving family; the daughter of a politician and cellist. Her sister is a successful lawyer whilst Zoe ices cupcakes for a living. When she discovers that her blood group is incompatible with her parents, she is not who she thought she was. Rather, she is the product of a brief liaison between her mother and a North Queensland cattleman. Confused, she embarks on a quest to meet her biological father and accepts a position as a muster cook on his property. Travelling to the remote property, she expects to meet her other family, but what she doesn't count on is romantic flirtations from her half brother Luke and her feelings for the undeniably charming musterer Mac McKinnon. As if it isn't difficult enough to keep her mother's secret, she finds herself increasingly attracted to the cool Mac, who is anxious to keep his distance whilst struggling to deal with his own past. The burden of her secret overwhelms Zoe who is worried she will unintentionally cause hurt to all those involved. Burdened by her mother's guilt, can Zoe keep her identity a secret? Will Zoe's mother, Claire, reveal the truth to her husband and potentially ruin his chances of re-election? And how will Zoe's new family feature in her life and can she secure Mac's heart? This is a feel-good romance set amongst clear northern skies and dusty cattle plains. (LF)

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