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Under Southern Skies (2012)

Cate Perry is a country girl whose life has been touched by tragedy. Her life is the land and cattle station where she lives with her father until she is forced to move on by the hand of fate. Whilst being adept at rounding up the cattle, she's also a talented singer and turns to these skills when she moves away from the dust and dirt of the land she loves. This also means leaving Alf, her childhood friend. Alf forges a relationship with the beautiful Marcella and Cate meets the cool drum-playing Nat and becomes the lead singer of his band. No matter how well Cate succeeds in performing, she can't seem to leave her tragic past behind. When her relationship with Nat falls apart and her voice is flailing, she returns to what she knows best, life in the country and this time in Queensland. The settings between the Northern Territory, Tamworth and Far North Queensland are beautifully detailed along with the tough life on the land. The constants in Cate's troubled life are the Cristelli family, friend Lucia, Alf and his parents. Despite the obstacles that life throws at Cate, can she achieve the one thing she really longs for before it's too late - Alf's affection? (LF)

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