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Ready to Love Again (2014)

Katie is a single mother of one, who has moved to another town to escape her ex-husband's control. Chase is a single father of two children who is still trying to move on from a tragic accident that devastated him and his children's world. Shawn, Katie's son, and Tony, Chase's son, meet and despite their opposite personalities form a tight friendship which brings their parents together in more ways than one, and Katie and Chase realise that maybe there is a second chance of happiness for them. Chase's daughter, Liz, seems to think, however, that Katie is the worst thing that ever happened to them. This book is was very emotional and dealt with many life-changing events, from divorce, grief, single parenthood, love and even guilt. Chase and Katie have to make a choice to help Liz deal with her grief before their own happiness and hope that their love will survive the test. (KARM)

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