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Learn Love in a Week (2013)

Polly has been married for 10 years when she meets Her Road Not Taken. James is now a rich businessman and is looking for a garden designer, like Polly, for his new country pile. Polly is sorely tempted to take off with James, especially since she is fed up of having to be the breadwinner while her creative husband, Arthur, watches the kids and works on his children's book. Arthur, feeling the pressure to earn some money and not wanting to lose Polly, is roped into writing a newspaper column about love by Polly's best friend, Em. This brings Arthur back into the orb of his own fantasy woman, Daybreak executive producer Greta. And Em is putting pressure on her boyfriend to finally commit. Andrew Clover is a comedian who wrote a Dads Rules column in a British newspaper. His adult debut shows plenty of humour as it explores how love fares in a long-term relationship. The only thing - perhaps expectedly - all the characters' voices seem male.

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