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I Wished For You (2012)

Grace may be almost 30 and in a long-term relationship but that doesn't mean she is ready to get married. In fact, she wishes more than anything that people would stop asking her when she'll be walking down the aisle. She'll do it when she's ready ... and that won't be too soon. When her perfect, sweet, reliable boyfriend Robbie gets down on bended knee to pop the question, Grace freaks out and says no. She then has a breakdown at work and ends up alone with no one but her evil cat and a weird man named Norman for company. Feeling like she's lost her way, Grace thinks her luck has turned when she stumbles upon Vintage Queen Verity. The old woman is mysterious and kind to Grace at her lowest point but what's she hiding? Written with so much warmth and humour, you can't help but fall in love with Grace, Robbie and Verity. You'll be rooting for Grace to find her heart's true wish all the way and enjoying some laugh-out-loud moments in the process. (AS)

Second Opinion

Hello, Heartbreak (2009)

When a dolled-up Izzy heads out to her two-timing ex's regular night-time haunt, she plans to saunter nonchalantly by Cian so he'll realise just what he's missing. What she actually does is scream hysterically at him and his new girlfriend Saffron - and her meltdown is captured on mobile phone and plastered all over the internet. Taking to her flat in mortification, she barely surfaces apart from going to work at a film production company. As Izzy's friends aid her recovery from heartbreak, several love interests appear - film executive Jonathan, her loyal colleague Gavin and even the love rat returns. With a loveable heroine and some laugh-out-loud comic moments, this is a promising - but alas all too predictable - start to this Irish actress' chick lit writing career.

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