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I Hate Cinderella (2009)

This is a big girls' fairytale that follows Lucy Summers' identity crisis after she breaks up with her long-term boyfriend. Lucy is wallowing in self-pity and questioning who she really is without her man by her side. As Lucy is flying for business, her plane crashes into the ocean and she is rescued by a beautiful mermaid, Obelia, who mends her broken heart. While she spends time in the ocean with Obelia, she begins to realise what life is really all about and understands she can survive this break-up. This is an imaginative book unlike anything I have read since I was a child complete with mermaids and magic. This book touches on some big issues but in a simplified way. To read it you need to open your mind and think like you were 10 again but dealing with adult issues. (GF)

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