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Laura's Handmade Life (2011)

If not for her architect husband Adi, Laura Lovegrove would never have agreed to move out of London. The idea of settling down in Norfolk did not seem promising, especially since it meant starting all over again. As Laura busies herself with her part-time teaching job at Town and Country College, juggling her roles of a working mum and a freelance textile designer, she slowly finds herself adapting to the village life, but her accident-prone nature soon gets in the way - and Laura ends up burning down the entire house. With her entire collection of vintage clothing destroyed, Laura takes up sewing classes. She falls in love with the art of stitching, inspiring her to take on a series of projects - which in turn pushes her closer to fulfilling her dreams, but at the same time, distancing her from the ones she loves. Sadly, the fun sewing ideas (found at the back of the book) could not compensate for the dull and hard-to-follow storyline. (XT)

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