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Austentatious (2012)

Nicola James lives in Austin, self-proclaimed capital of all things weird, but her life is anything but weird. In fact Nic's life is the epitome of sensible and organised, striving as she does to follow "The Plan" - a life plan which she first conceived when she was 13 and which she has been following rigorously ever since. However, everything changes when she happens upon a rather unassuming journal in an antiques store and discovers that it seems to be writing back to her, taking the very words she has written and editing them to leave her 'miscellaneous morsels' of advice, and what's more the author seems to be none other than Jane Austen! Nic is reluctant to believe what's happening and to follow Fairy Jane, but soon the journal has set her on her own journey of discovery to find the One, but it means having to give into weird and abandoning The Plan. Alyssa Goodnight has written a charming and quirky novel that offers something new in the canon of Austensque novels. (JC)

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